In 2016 we advised Solent Gateway on environmental consenting issues associated with marine works and dredging activity, including: the consents required and the typical application processes and timescales; requirement for an EIA; environmental sensitivities on site and any likely implications on consenting timescales; indicative costs of environmental consents.

Licensing support for Royal Pier Wharf, River Thames

Licensing support for Twelve Quays Terminal, Birkenhead

Since 2017, we have advised Warrenpoint Harbour Authority in Northern Ireland on dredged material disposal. We have produced Habitats Regulations Assessments and Marine Conservation Zone Assessments to support marine licence applications for sea disposal.

In 2018, we produced the Habitats Regulations Assessment (Screening and Appropriate Assessment), Water Framework Directive Assessment and EIA Screening Request for alterations to Twelve Quays Terminal, Birkenhead (Peel Ports). We worked with Natural England and the Environment Agency to remove their objections to the works.

Marchwood Sea Mounting Centre

In 2017 we produced the Best Practicable Environmental Option Assessment for capital dredging on the River Tay for Perth and Kinross Council.

Warrenpoint Harbour Authority

Since 2015 we have managed the environmental consents for a major expansion at Aberdeen Harbour, involving a large scale capital dredging and disposal operation, and the construction of breakwaters and quays on a greenfield site. Our services include:

  • Managing the EIA consultant and reviewing the EIA Reports
  • Regular liaison with Marine Scotland, Transport Scotland, Aberdeen City Council and Scottish Natural Heritage on consenting issues
  • Interpreting sediment quality data to determine disposal options for dredged material
  • Coordinating ecological surveys
  • Best Practicable Environmental Option assessment for the disposal of dredged material
  • Overseeing Construction Environmental Management and Mitigation Plans
  • Coordinating monitoring programmes for sensitive species including bottlenose dolphin, Atlantic salmon and otter
  • On-site environmental auditing

In 2017 we produced the Habitats Regulations Assessment and Water Framework Directive Assessment for a water injection dredging campaign at Burry Port Harbour in Wales, in consultation with Natural Resources Wales.

We have provided environmental support to Beckett Rankine on several River Thames pier projects including Wandsworth Riverside Quarter, and Park Plaza Hotel Pier. Technical studies include HRA, Water Framework Directive Assessment, Marine Conservation Zone Assessment and Marine Policy Review.

BPEO for dredging the River Tay

We are supporting Montrose Port Authority on the marine licence application for disposal of dredged material, including liaison with Marine Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage, input to the Best Practicable Environmental Option Assessment and preparation of application documents.

Aberdeen Harbour Expansion Project

In 2017 we provided environmental support for the demolition of a disused oil jetty and construction of a new fast ferry passenger pier on the River Thames. We coordinating pre-application consultation with regulators, produced an EIA screening request, and undertook an environmental assessment and WFD Assessment.

Burry Port Harbour HRA and Water Framework Directive Assessment

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Katherine (Harris) Holmes, director of Harris Holden, has 16 years' experience in the maritime sector, as environment manager for a major UK port and as a principal EIA consultant

Licensing support for Thames pier projects

Licensing advice to Montrose Port Authority