We are experienced at securing environmental consents for UK maritime projects, and we have well-established relationships with UK regulators and key stakeholders.

We offer a comprehensive licensing support service which includes coordinating technical studies and surveys, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) supervision, preparing and submitting applications, stakeholder consultation, and discharging licence conditions.

We are experienced at environmental site supervision for major maritime construction projects both in the UK and overseas.

During construction, we have a presence on site to ensure that contractors are complying with environmental requirements. We carry out regular environmental audits and work with contractors to address any non-conformities. We can provide regular updates on environmental compliance to regulators and other stakeholders, and manage complaints.

Site Supervision

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Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Consents

We act as the 'client's representative' during the EIA process. As the point of contact with the EIA consultant at all stages, we ensure that the EIA is appropriate for the development and that any mitigation measures proposed are proportionate and achievable.

We undertake Habitats Regulations Assessment, Water Framework Directive Assessment and Marine Conservation Zone Assessment.

We produce Environmental Management Plans that provide a practical approach to delivering the mitigation and monitoring measures required under the EIA and/or regulatory consents.